San Michaels.
The sense of Reality in Realty

With a track record of over two decades in the construction field, San Michaels now enter the housing field. Understanding the real need of a family in housing, San Michaels promises best quality construction at reasonable price. San Michaels applies the professional skills of personnel who have experience in the field with millions of Sq. Ft. built up area to their credit.

The professionals involved in the project has vast experience in the Design, Construction and Administration. Most of them have acquired their wealth of knowledge from abroad. Hence implementing up-to-date technology, whether in design or in construction will not be away from their blue print. Read more


Peaceful Living

No one can have a peaceful life in houseful high rise pigeon hole urban housing complex. We at San Michaels feel that, living peacefully has become the ultimate luxury in the contemporary society. It's such a complex one that no one knows anyone.
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Good neighbours.

Good neighborhood is the Luxury. People who are plain. A friend in need. People who realise you. People who recognise you. People who have time to talk to you. For that the place you stay should be small. Once it is large the relation becomes unwieldy.
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No Frill Flats.

Moreover these small projects have limited maintenance cost too. More frills you have more cost you incur. A swimming pool, gymnasium, home theatre, indoor court, card room: all these cost you monthly, even if you don't use it. Remember, there's nothing called free meal.Read more

Ready to Occupy Flats

Buying a flat in any of the San Michaels projects is as easy as picking up your pack of cookies from the shelf of a department store. Come, see, satisfy, pay and occupy. This means NO WAITING, NO DELAY and NO TENSION.
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